Zhao Yong Gang

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22 January, 2015
Bridging Reality and Illusion
15 August, 2015

Zhao Yong Gang

  • Date: From 7 March 2015 to 22 March 2015

Zhao Yong Gang believes that the power of Nature gives him access to a world that is richer and more realistic. His dexterous strokes reveal his subconscious imprints in the worlds he creates on the blank canvases.

He considers the modern pace of life to be too fast and hectic insofar as the passing of time is no longer felt. Only in the presence of Nature, he is able to sense this anew. Through impromptu strokes and colours, he is able to lovingly capture this emotion in his art.

2014 – Fujian Province Oil Painting (Exclusive) Exhibition
2013 – Fuzhou Exhibition
2012 – Zhangzhou “Minnan (Taiwanese) Rhyme” Oil Painting Exhibition
2011 – Tianjin “Ordinary” Oil Painting Exhibition, Zhangzhou “Dialogue” Oil Painting Exhibition
2010 – Australian Art Expo
2009 – Shanghai Sunshine Gallery “City. Life.” Oil Painting Exhibition, Shanghai Benefit Lifestyle Centre “Implication of Dandelion”, Shanghai International Art Fair
2008 – “Countrysides” won Bronze Price at China Art Museum Parkway Exhibition, “Cities” Series, Selected at Annual of Contemporary Art of China
2005 – “Dew” Exhibited at Cross-Strait Exhibition
2000 – Graduated from Art College of Inner Mongonlia University, “Nature”, Selected at Inner Mongolia Youth Art Exhibition