Bridging Reality and Illusion

Zhao Yong Gang
7 March, 2015
Foreign Country
12 September, 2015

Bridging Reality and Illusion

  • Date: From 15 August 2015 to 30 August 2015

Robert Allmann is an artist focused on bridging photography and painting, determined to create artwork that depicts curiosity and beauty in painstaking detail, without compromising the reality of the every-day. Allmann’s photographs are unaltered by digital means yet show mastery of light and situation. Born in 1971 in the Black Forest town of Freiburg, Allmann has lived in a variety of places, namely Hamburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, Mumbai, London, and Singapore. Immersion in these global communities with their vibrant culture, colors and varied architectures continue to inspire Allmann’s paintographs.

October 2009, Art for Youth, The Mall Galleries, London, UK
October 2014, Art for Youth, Royal College of Art, London, UK
November 2014, Office Sessions III, Anchorage House, East India, London, UK

Upcoming exhibitions
August 2015 1st Solo Exhibition, Merlin Gallery, Singapore
October 2015, Art for Youth, The Mall Galleries, London, UK