Choy Weng Yang

Choy Weng Yang

Choy Weng Yang was born in Singapore on 1930. Known as a highly competent abstract artist, Choy Weng Yang has been practising art for more than 45 years. The mood and tone in his works are created through his incredible sense of colours which immediately draw viewers to his art. Just like a select number of artists of his generation, Choy studied art in Europe. So, Western influences like the impressionistic techniques of capturing light, deployed by famous artists such as Monet, are prevalent in his works. Images are created spontaneously with the artist reacting to what is felt, rather than what is immediately seen. The completed images then become a series of dramatic acts in a play of colours. In his recent works, Choy has taken a more experimental direction by no longer alluding to any specific imagery. Instead, he tries to see how different colours react with each other and the human eye. He takes single colours to the extreme to see how far he can push the boundaries of perception and balance.

1962 Graduate, Hornsey College of Art, London, U.K.
1963 Art Teachers’ Certificate (U.K), University of London Institute of Education

1973 UNESCO Fellowship in Creative Arts-survey of Contemporary America art and research on environment arts at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies, USA
1979 Cultural tour of India by invitation of the Government of India
1985 Cultural tour of France by invitation of the Government of France

Curatorial Experience1
Curatorial Experience
1978-1985 Curator of Art, National Museum Singapore

Exhibited widely